Technical Program


Carboniferous of the Rockies

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom A
Session Chairs: Rich Bottjer and Steve Nording

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Regional correlation of Carboniferous Heath and Tyler strata from central Montana to the Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA :Richard J. Bottjer, Stephan H. Nording, and Timothy O. Nesheim
8:25 AM Sedimentology-Stratigraphy of the lower Tyler Formation (upper Mississippian?) – Williston Basin: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development :Timothy O. Nesheim
8:45 AM Alunite in Tyler Formation, Late Carboniferous Deposits of Williston Basin North Dakota :Fazilatun N. Mahmood and Stephan H. Nordeng
9:05 AM The Book Canyon Conglomerate: a sequence boundary between the Bear Gulch Limestone and Tyler Formations of central Montana :Amy Singer

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM A Hydrothermal Dolomite Model For the Cheyenne Wells / Smoky Creek Fields, Colorado :R. Mark Maslyn
10:20 AM Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Madison Strata in the Greater Williston Basin Area :David M. Petty
10:40 AM Arikaree Creek, Bolero, Old Homestead and Great Plains Oil Fields, oddities or potential repeatable opportunities, Southern Denver Basin, Colorado USA :Dr. Steven A. Tedesco
11:00 AM The Eagle Basin of Northwest Colorado: A Compartmentalized Evaporite Basin and Large Hydrocarbon Frontier :Constance N. Knight PhD

History of Exploration and Production in the Rockies

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom B
Session Chairs: Matt Silverman and Melanie Peterson

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Salt Creek - A Wyoming Giant and a Cast of Characters :Sam Pfiester
8:25 AM History of Oil Refining in Wyoming and Montana : Robert A. King
8:45 AM Tiger Mike Davis and the Discovery of Two of the Most Iconic Oil Fields in the Rockies : Matt Silverman
9:05 AM Development of Glenrock Area Fields, Converse County, Wyoming : Mark Miliken

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM History and Development of the Giant Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado :Stephen A. Sonnenberg
10:20 AM From Stone to Paper and Back Again: Creating Stone Geologic Maps : Susan Judy
10:40 AM The early Wyoming petroleum industry through the eyes of commercial photographers :Jeff Spencer
11:00 AM A Look Back at the Prospect Generation of the first Economic Resource Play, Cedar Hills-East Lookout Butte Fields Williston Basin and the Codell Resource Play, North Denver Basin : Steve Kirkwood

A Tribute to Bill Cobban and his Contributions to Stratigraphy

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom D
Session Chair: Joshua Slattery

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Development of the Cretaceous Stratigraphic Framework of Western Interior North America by William Aubrey Cobban (1916-2015) and colleagues :David A. Sawyer
8:25 AM W.A. Cobban, the Cookes Range, N.H. Darton, J.G. Love, and me :Stephen C. Hook
8:45 AM Looking towards the future from atop the shoulders of Bill Cobban, John Obradovich and Richard Pearl :Robert Raynolds, James Hagadorn, and Shellie Luallin
9:05 AM Ages of the Dakota Sandstone and the position of the Albian-Cenomanian (Lower-Upper Cretaceous) Boundary in Western Interior North America :David A. Sawyer

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM The Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) Carlile Shale of eastern South Dakota and adjacent areas with correlations to the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming : Steven D. Jorgensen, P.G., P.E. and Neal L. Larson
10:20 AM Middle Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) ammonites from a gravel pit in Wisconsin :Neal L. Larson and Steven D. Jorgensen, P.G., P.E.
10:40 AM Revisiting the offset-stacked Campanian stratigraphic sequences of S. Wyoming and NE. Utah :Keith Minor, Ronald Steel and Cornel Olariu
11:00 AM Data Mining Ammonite Localities to Build Chronostratigraphic Frameworks in the Western Interior Basin :Bryan McDowell and Piret Plink-Bjorklund


Mudrocks in the Rockies - Lessons Learned and Recent Innovations

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom A
Session Chairs: Anna Phelps and Andy Hennes

1:00 PM Introductory Comments
1:05 PM Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Optimize Target Selection in Shale Plays of the Rockies (and Beyond) :Jeffrey A. May, PhD
1:25 PM Using pore system characterization to subdivide the burgeoning Uteland Butte play, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah :Riley Brinkerhoff and Mark Millard
1:45 PM Mineralogical and geochemical properties of the Cretaceous Mowry Shale in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming near the Casper arch :Justin E. Birdwell, Thomas M. Finn, Katherine L. French, Christopher J. Schenk, Mark A. Kirschbaum, and Paul G. Lillis
2:05 PM For volcanic ash to be the key to organic rich rock formation, the implications are dramatic; but are they probable? : Doug Parker

2:30 PM -30 Minute Break-

3:00 PM Vitrinite reflectance of Lower Cretaceous coal and thermal maturity of the Mowry Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana, USA :Daniel G. Hallau, and Ryan J. Sharma
3:20 PM Porosity Heterogeneity Analysis using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) :Brianna Berg, Cody Bomberger, Shiva-Nandan Arens and Michael H Hofmann
3:40 PM Overview of organic-rich facies of the Permian Phosphoria Formation, USA :Marc S. Hendrix

History of Exploration and Production in the Rockies

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom B
Session Chairs: Matt Silverman and Melanie Peterson

1:00 PM Introductory Comments
1:05 PM Petroleum Association of Wyoming Status Report :Pete Obermueller
1:25 PM Pre-1975 oilfield movies and their promotional material :Jeff Spencer
1:45 PM Wagon Wheel Project: Atomic Energy Commission plan to extract Wyoming natural gas with five underground nuclear explosions :Ann Noble and Greg Asay
2:05 PM Discussion

2:30 PM -30 Minute Break-

3:00 PM Lighting the Frontier: The Story of Colorado's Florence Oil Field :Linda Flis
3:20 PM Discussion
3:40 PM Discussion
4:00 PM Discussion

A Tribute to Bill Cobban and his Contributions to Stratigraphy

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom D
Session Chair: Joshua Slattery

1:00 PM Introductory Comments
1:05 PM A New Stratigraphy for the Pierre Shale at the Cedar Creek Anticline, Montana :James W. Grier, Joyce C. Grier, Thomas Linn, Neal L. Larson, and Neil H. Landman
1:25 PM New Perspectives on the End of the Cretaceous from the Southern Western Interior :Keith Berry
1:45 PM Requiem for a Seaway: Tracking the Final Transgression of the Western Interior Sea in the Post-Apocalyptic World of the Paleocene :Anton F.-J. Wroblewski
2:05 PM Cretaceous decapod lagerstatten of the Western Interior Seaway, USA: Standing on the Shoulders of Dr. W. A. Cobban :Gale A. Bishop and Michael J. Samms

2:30 PM -30 Minute Break-

3:00 PM A New Species of Decapod from the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale of Colorado with Implications for Avocational-Professional Collaboration :Malcolm Bedell
3:20 PM Report on an unusual Cody Shale Fossil Assemblage from Casper, Wyoming :Jean-Pierre Cavigelli
3:40 PM The Ammonite’s Aquarium: Illustrating Mesozoic Marine Environments :Russell Hawley
4:00 PM Phylogenetic relationships and history of the Campanian and Maastrichtian ammonite Baculites Lamark 1799 in the Western Interior of North America :Joshua S. Slattery, Brian Andres, Peter J. Harries, and Ashley L. Sandness


Codell-Niobrara-Mancos-Mancobrara of the Rockies

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom A
Session Chairs: Gus Gustason and Mark Longman

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Revisiting the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Petroleum System in the Rocky Mountain Region : Mark W. Longman, and Barbara A. Luneau
8:25 AM Disconformities and condensed sections of the Niobrara Formation and the effect on source and reservoir potential, DJ Basin, Colorado :Marshall Deacon, Katie J. McDonough, and Lise Brinton
8:45 AM Linking Stratigraphic Architecture and Petroleum System Elements of the Niobrara Formation to Oceanographic and Far-Field Tectonic Events :William R. Drake
9:05 AM Lithology and mineralogy of the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Formation examined by hyperspectral core imaging :Justin E. Birdwell, Lionel Fonteneau, and Brigette A. Martini

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM Impact of geology on development of the Niobrara and Codell resource play in Wattenberg Field, CO :Ryan J. Herz-Thyhsen, Edmund R. “Gus” Gustason
10:20 AM Characterization of layer-bound normal faults within the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado : Kyle Bracken
10:40 AM Facies architecture and sequence stratigraphy of the Codell Sandstone, Denver Basin, CO : Edmund R. “Gus” Gustason
11:00 AM Peripheral grain replacements by clays control matrix permeability in the Codell Sandstone, northeastern Colorado : David A. Budd and Daniel A. Medina

AAPG Energy Minerals Division - Exploring New Energy Frontiers

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom B
Session Chairs: Edith Wilson and Peter Northrop

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Geoscience Perspectives on Technology Development in Energy Storage and Implications for Strategic Mineral Exploration :Edith Newton Wilson and Jesse R. Edmondson
8:25 AM Observations on the Occurrence and Distribution of Critical Resources in Wyoming, USA :Erin H. Phillips, Zhiwu Liu, J. Fred McLaughlin, Thomas Moore, Davin Bagdonas, and Scott Quillnan
8:45 AM The Surface Geochemical Expression of Some Helium and Petroleum Deposits :David Seneshen, PhD
9:05 AM Helium Potential in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona :Jim Ballard

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM Mineral Resource - Lithium - Recovery From Naturally Occurring Permian Basin Waste Water :Stephen R. Robichaud, PG, CPG and Nicholas W. Robichaud, BS, Chem.
10:20 AM Characterize subsurface 3-D geological heterogeneity in targeted CO2 storage reservoirs in the Rock Springs Uplift: Wyoming’s highest-priority saline aquifer for CO2 storage :Jiao Z., F. McLaughlin, Y. Ganshin, H. Wang, M. Johnson
10:40 AM Paleosols as Source Rocks for Uranium Deposits in Wyoming and Nebraska :Steven Sibray and Douglas Hallum
11:00 AM Effect of Carbon Sequestration on the Mechanical Behavior of Rock Reservoir at Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming :Kam Ng, Ph.D., P.E.


Little America - Wyoming Ballroom D
Session Chair: Ben Burke and Morteza Dejam

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM The Importance of Kerogen Quality to Landing Zone Determination and Geosteering :Benjamin Burke, Ryan King, and Emily Brehm
8:25 AM Application of surface geochemical survey integrated with subsurface geology and seismic data in exploration for conventional reservoirs :Dr. Steven A. Tedesco
8:45 AM Sedimentology, chemofacies, and stratigraphic architecture of the Lower Cretaceous Burro Canyon Formation, Nine-Mile Canyon, Colorado :Hannah M. Morgan, Matthew J. Pranter, and Rex D. Cole
9:05 AM Isotopic Evolution of the Niobrara Chalk and the Implications to Water Mass Mixing in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway :Rebekah E. Simon and David A. Budd

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM Does the salinity of injected water matter? :Geoffrey Thyne
10:20 AM Geochemical interactions between stimulation fluid, formation water, and a gas shale from the Green River Basin, Wyoming :Matthew Edgina, John Kaszubaa, and Janet Dewey
10:40 AM Geochemistry of Bubbling Springs, Atlantic Rim, South-Central Wyoming :Kelsey S. Kehoe, Karl G. Taboga, and Kara L. Hoppes
11:00 AM Diagenesis, Porosity and Petroleum Source Beds of Birdbear Formation, McKenzie County, Williston Basin, North America. :Francis Nwachukwu

Tuesday Afternoon ORAL SESSIONS

Reservoir Characterization and Completions

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom A
Session Chairs: Darren Kirkwood and Xuebing Fu

1:00 PM Introductory Comments
1:05 PM Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Optimize Target Selection in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs of the Rockies (and Beyond) :Jeffrey A. May, PhD
1:25 PM Great Scott! A Homebrewed Recipe for Regional Trend-Based Log Normalization: Various Examples from Rocky Mountain Basins :Mark Millard, Andy Hennes, Preston Kerr, Riley Brinkerhoff, and Justin Brown
1:45 PM Real Time Target Optimization and Geosteering multi-well case study utilizing onsite while-drilling XRD, XRF, and Mass Spectrometry, Niobrara and Codell Formations, DJ Basin :Anne Grau, Robert H. Sterling, Ryan King, Gbenga Yemidale
2:05 PM What influences production from the Wall Creek and Turner Reservoirs in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin :Rachel N. Toner

2:30 PM -30 Minute Break-

3:00 PM Tight oil vertical log analysis applied to horizontal Logging While Tripping (LWT) data of Cretaceous-aged Viking formation, Saskatchewan, Canada: a multi-disciplinary review of initial and extended findings :Jessica Beal, P.Geo
3:20 PM Geologic Modelling of the Unconventional Field in the Bakken Formation Using Geostatistical Approach :Alan Alexeyev
3:40 PM Horizontal Reservoir Value Increased by Enhanced Geological Knowledge :David Williamson, Keith Kimme, Charles H. Smith, and Tiffani Kennedy
4:00 PM The basin that keeps on giving: The successes and challenges of horizontal drilling in the Uinta Basin, Utah :Michael D. Vanden Berg, Justin E. Birdwell, and Ronald C. Johnson

Total Petroleum Systems

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom B
Session Chairs: Tom Sperr and Stephanie Gaswirth

1:00 PM Introductory Comments
1:05 PM Controls on Petroleum Production and Resources for the Middle Devonian Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin :Debra K. Higley
1:25 PM Effective Source Rocks in Rocky Mountain Late Cretaceous Petroleum Systems :M. P. Dolan, G. Zimbrick, and P. Travers
1:45 PM South-Central Oklahoma SCOOP Plays: 3D Basin Modeling Support to Select Petroleum System Elements and Processes :Maria N. Slack and David A. Wavrek
2:05 PM Total Petroleum System Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in the Upper Jurassic Haynesville (Kimmeridgian) and Bossier (Tithonian) Formations, Onshore U.S. Gulf Coast :Stanley T. Paxton, Janet K. Pitman, Scott A. Kinney, Nicholas J. Gianoutsos, Ofori N. Pearson, Katherine J. Whidden, Christopher J. Schenk, Heidi M. Leathers-Miller

2:30 PM -30 Minute Break-

3:00 PM The Importance of Detrital Dolomite in Upper Devonian Carbonates: Examples from the Dyer Formation (Northwest Colorado) and Bakken/Three Forks Petroleum System (Williston Basin) :Mark Longman and Donna Anderson
3:20 PM Evaluation of Resource-Play Potential of the Mississippian Chainman Shale of the Great Basin, Nevada :Don E. French and Albert S. Wylie Jr.
3:40 PM Examination of downward hydrocarbon charge within the Bakken-Three Forks Petroleum System – Williston Basin, North America :Timothy Nesheim
4:00 PM The Upper Minnelusa, a viable conventional oil target in the Powder River Basin :Will Duggins

From Basins to Wells: Structural Geology and Geomechanics

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom D
Session Chair: Erin Campbell

1:00 PM Introductory Comments
1:05 PM Stress Provinces of the Rocky Mountains; How the Rockies were Constructed :Stephen Sturm
1:25 PM Structural Inheritance and the Role of Basement Anisotropies in the Laramide Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the North American Cordilleran Foreland, Wyoming: Towards a Unified Hypothesis :Jeffrey W. Bader
1:45 PM Orogenesis and Post-Orogenic Collapse: Rocky Mountain Analogs and New Permian Insights :Ryan Thompson
2:05 PM Structural Divisions of the Bighorn Mountains and Western Powder River Basin :Gary Bible

2:30 PM -30 Minute Break-

3:00 PM The Mancos Shale in the southeastern San Juan Basin: a play limited by structure and associated thermal maturity :Ronald F. Broadhead
3:20 PM Sedimentology and Reservoir Potential of Allochthonous Upper Desert Creek Carbonates, Southern Margin of the Aneth Complex (Middle Pennsylvanian), Paradox Basin, Utah :Chris Perfili, Scott Ritter, Bob Lindsay, and Peter Neilsen
3:40 PM Tepee Buttes, Methane Seeps, and Polygonal Fault Systems, Denver Basin :Stephen A. Sonnenberg
4:00 PM From Williston to the edge of the continental plate - a Rockies contrast in Mississippian-Devonian resource basin aspect ratio and natural versus induced flow connections :Eugene Wadleigh


Codell-Niobrara-Mancos-Mancobrara of the Rockies

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom A
Session Chairs: Gus Gustason and Mark Longman

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Stratigraphic Framework for the Mancos-Niobrara of the Piceance Basin :Nathan Rogers
8:25 AM Mancobrara Stratigraphy Unraveled: A tale of Mancos to Niobrara Formation stratigraphic continuity across the Coniacian/Santonian Western Interior Seaway :Robin L. Swank
8:45 AM The Past, Present and Future of Niobrara/Mancos B Horizontal Development in the Piceance Basin :Jason Eleson
9:05 AM Core facies analysis of the Niobrara-equivalent of the Mancos Shale (Mancobrara), Piceance Basin, CO :Edmund "Gus" Gustason

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM Sequence Stratigraphy and Geologic Reservoir Characterization of the Niobrara-Equivalent Section the Northern San Juan Basin :Walter Nelson
10:20 AM Assessing Hypotheses for the Origin of the Giant Lower Niobrara “Channel” in the Southern Powder River Basin, Campbell and Converse Counties, Wyoming :Jessica Vahling, C. Kit Clark, Mark Longman, and Keith Shanley
10:40 AM Integrated assessment of the oil-rich Niobrara and Mowry Shale plays, Powder River Basin, Wyoming :Yanet Cuddus, Dave Phillips, Celina Will, Lee Swager, William Ray Moore, Midowa Gbededo, Yanil Del Castillo, and Matthew Belobraydic
11:00 AM Niobrara and Mowry Source Rocks in Powder River and Wind River Basins: Asset Trend Analysis :David A. Wavrek and Maria N. Slack

Geology in the Rockies - Sequence Stratigraphy and New Advances

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom B
Session Chairs: Michael Land and Jessica Barhaug

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Why the Bacterial Genetics of the Water Used to Frac Matters :Steve Davis
8:25 AM Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Late Devonian (Frasnian) Duperow Formation in Western and Central Montana :Chris Steuer, David W. Bowen, and Chuck Calavan
8:45 AM Unraveling the Mysteries of the Hogback Ridge Field, Crawford Thrust Plate, Utah :Curtis W. Slack
9:05 AM Fluvial architecture and sequence stratigraphy of the Burro Canyon Formation using UAV-based outcrop models, southwestern Piceance Basin, Colorado :Javier Tellez, Matthew J. Pranter, Rex D. Cole

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM Connections between Eocene Lakes Uinta and Gosiute preceding and during the infilling stage of Lake Uinta, Piceance Basin :Ronald C. Johnson, Justin E. Birdwell, Michael E. Brownfield, Tracey J. Mercier, and Paula L. Hansley
10:20 AM Observing a diminishing snowmelt period in the headwaters of the Rio Grande and the correlations to rising global air temperatures :Max Hawthorne Bucci Fajardo
10:40 AM Paleozoic source rocks and thermal history of the Southern Denver Basin, Western Mid-Continent region USA :Dr. Steven A. Tedesco
11:00 AM The Mancos Shale in the Albuquerque Basin: an oil play limited by structure and thermal maturation :Ronald F. Broadhead

Clastic Resources of the Rockies

Little America - Wyoming Ballroom D
Session Chair: Riley Brinkerhoff and Mark Millard

8:00 AM Introductory Comments
8:05 AM Characterizing outcrop growth faults, slump blocks, mud volcanoes and other sedimentary deformation features for use as reservoir analogues for observed features in targeted reservoirs in the Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah :Riley Brinkerhoff
8:25 AM Core vs. cuttings – building understanding from an underutilized dataset to more fully characterize producing reservoirs within the Cretaceous Almond Formation, Southwest Wyoming :Ethan Cook, Samuel M. Hudson, and Brent Greenhalgh
8:45 AM Reservoir quality controls on downdip natural gas production degradation; insights from the Canyon Creek Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming :Brent Greenhalgh
9:05 AM Characterization of a Pleistocene lacustrine spit to serve as a depositional model for large scale lacustrine deposits. :Eli Lopez

9:30 AM -30 Minute Break-

10:00 AM Building a Predictive Model for Stratigraphic Transitions and Lateral Facies Changes in the Cretaceous Almond Formation, Wyoming :Joseph E. Phillips, Samuel M. Hudson, and Brent W. Greenhalgh
10:20 AM Geology of the Turner Sandstone, Finn-Shurley Field, Powder River Basin Wyoming :Stephen A. Sonnenberg
10:40 AM Spearfish Formation Tight Oil Play of the Williston Basin :Travis Stolldorf
11:00 AM Sequence Stratigraphy, Play Analysis and Reservoir Prediction within a Lacustrine Intracratonic Rift Basin, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho :Mark D. Barton
11:20 AM Organofacies Variability as a Function of Provenance and Process - Heterogeneity within the Mowry Shale, Wyoming :Blake Steeves



Little America - Teton Room

8:00 AM

Exlporation in Utah :Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr

Near-Salt Stratal Geometries and Implications for the Evolution of the Onion Creek Salt Diapir Moab, UT :Ethan L. Cook

Applications of XRD data in horizontal drilling: the value of knowing shale mineralogy :Scott Field, Zach Walke, and Steve George

Outcrop and core characterization of the Uteland Butte member and Castle Peak interval, lower Green River Formation, southwestern Uinta Basin, Utah :Ryan D. Gall, Michael D. Vanden Berg, Justin E. Birdwell, and Ronald C. Johnson

Powder River Basin Performance Drivers – Merging Reservoir and Production KPIs :Midowa Gbededo, Yanil Del Castillo, Celina Will, Lee Swager, William Ray Moore Jr., Yanet Cuddus, Dave Phillips, and Matthew Belobraydic

Imaging Exhumed Impact Craters Using Resistivity and Magnetic Surveys, Sheep Mountain, Douglas, Wyoming, USA :Alex Henry, Dillon Osborne, Brandon Brown, John Livingston, Nicole Coleman, Zach Johnston, Lindsey Richardson, Allan Fraser, Dr. Beth Wisely, and Dr. Kent Sundell

Exhumed Impact Craters, Sheep Mountain, Douglas, Wyoming, USA, Evidence from Field Sampling, Satellite, and Drone Imagery :Alex Henry, Dillon Osborne, Nicole Coleman, Zach Johnston, Steve Mayo, Lindsey Richardson, Kyle Wise, Tyler Hathaway, Jon Wright, Clay Gookin, Brandon Vickers, Sean Johnson, Allan Fraser, Thom Seymour, Ed Mueller, and Dr. Kent Sundell

11:30 AM

Updated U.S. Geological Survey Petroleum Resource Assessment of Continuous and Conventional Reservoirs of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado :Kristen R. Marra


Little America - Teton Room

1:00 PM

Using Venus’ Cratering History to Estimate the Hydrocarbon Production Potential of Buried Terrestrial Impact Structures :Kenneth L. Wright

Fracture, Stratigraphic, and Lithologic Analysis of the Niobrara-Equivalent Cody Shale Northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming :Wesley Moots

Application of core to refine thick fluvial successions: a case study of the Late Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Uinta Basin. :Ellen Wilcox

Geologic characterization of new Cane Creek cores from the northern part of the Paradox Basin, Utah :Elliot A. Jagniecki, Ryan D. Gall, and Michael D. Vanden Berg

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Productive Lower Carboniferous Reservoirs in the Bakken Petroleum System, western Montana and Alberta :P. Ted Doughty, George W. Grader, Tyler Klatt

Palinspastic restoration of the eastern flank of the Colorado Front Range at Coal Creek, constrained by outcrop geology, wells and a pre-stack depth migration of the Rocky Flats deep seismic line, reveals a system of stacked triangle zones :Edward J. “Ned” Sterne

A Renewed Focus on Utah’s Helium Potential :Tyler J. Wiseman and Marc T. Eckels

Stratigraphic and Structural Relations of the Birdbear Formation (Devonian) Western North Dakota :Jeffrey W. Bader

4:30 PM

Potential Shale-Oil Reservoirs in the Eastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming :Brian Toelle, Marcin Pankau, Ranie Lynds and Pejman Tahmasebi


Little America - Teton Room

8:00 AM

A New Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Campanian–Maastrichtian Ammonite Zonal Scheme and Its Correlation with the Classic Western Interior Biozonation :Joshua S. Slattery, Keith P. Minor, Peter J. Harries, Ralph O. Johnson, and Ashley L. Sandness

Organically enriched rocks have been causally attributed to transgressive seas largely because of a misunderstanding of the condensed section in sequence stratigraphy :Doug Parker

Can “volcanic tephra fall” replace “sea level transgression” as the driver for organically enriched rock formation at the Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary (OAE2)? :Doug Parker

Bittersweet Encounters in the Wellbore: Application of the Wellsite Mass Spectrometer in 3D Unconventional Resource Development of Niobrara and Mowry assets in the Powder River Basin :Scott Field and Maria N. Slack

11:30 AM

The Mesaverde Group of S. Wyoming and N. Utah :Keith Minor, Ronald Steel, Cornel Olariu

Call for papers

Deadline: May 31ˢᵗ 2019

The AAPG Rocky Mountain Section with the Wyoming Geological Association invite abstract submissions for the 2019 meeting in Cheyenne.

All Rocky Mountain petroleum and geology related topics are welcome.

Technical co-chairs

Mike Bingle-Davis
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Stephen Whitaker
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Instructions for authors

Submit abstracts via email with subject line "AAPG RMS Abstract Submission" to [email protected]

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