Technical Program

Current Technical Sessions

  1. History of Exploration and Production in the Rockies
  2. Carboniferous of the Northern Rockies
  3. Seismic Application in the Rockies
  4. Clastic Resource Plays of the Rockies
  5. Exploration and Production in the Powder River Basin
  6. Advances in Geologic Storage
  7. Total Petroleum Systems
  8. Mudrocks in the Rockies – Lessons Learned and Recent Innovations
  9. From Basins to Wells; Structural Geology and Geomechanics
  10. Special Topic – A Tribute to Bill Cobban and his Contributions to Stratigraphy
  11. Tight Oil Plays
  12. Reservoir Characterization and Completions for Tight Plays
  13. Codell-Niobrara-Mancos-Mancobrara of the Rockies
  14. Geochemistry

Call for papers

Deadline: May 31ˢᵗ 2019

The AAPG Rocky Mountain Section with the Wyoming Geological Association invite abstract submissions for the 2019 meeting in Cheyenne.

All Rocky Mountain petroleum and geology related topics are welcome.

Technical co-chairs

Mike Bingle-Davis
[email protected]

Stephen Whitaker
[email protected]

Instructions for authors

Submit abstracts via email with subject line "AAPG RMS Abstract Submission" to [email protected]

Indicate whether it is oral or poster. Please submit as .doc file.

Abstract text is limited to 2,000 characters (not including spaces).